ATX Hosting Services

Are you looking for a place to put your website?

If you have come with an idea for a website, and either you just need to put it somewhere or you don't know know the 1st thing about where to put it or how to build it, this is the place for you. Here you will be learning how to go about getting your own website at whatever level you're on, whether it's starting from "Hello World" or your're more advanced, this will be an "All-In-One" source for everything you will need to get your website or project running complete with "pros and cons" of either side of the project at hand.

The Economy & Home Based Businesses

The American economy is heading into its second recession in seven years. So what do we do? well most of us already do something at home right? How many of you know someone who mows people's Lawns? Takes care of people's pets? How about care for the elderly? All of these things and more can be managed at home with your own experience, and because of this economic stress were in right now it's the perfect time to start your own business from home, and with your experience and skills, adding a website to the mix would get you the exposure you need.

We Have Solutions

We here at ATX Hosting Services have the right solutions for you! What ever your interest, what ever your dream, we here at ATX strive to bring you the best care possible and we will cater to your needs! You do not have to know anything about computers or how to make a website you can participate in ANY of our programs.

"What's it going to cost me?"

Joining is is FREE, we wont charge you anything to learn how to make money for your self, how to work from home, nor will we charge you for a list of opportunities we know will help you out financially. What we DO charge you for, if you so decide, is the use of Web Hosting Services, or any other Services related to shopping carts, database management or Web Development, however, we assure you that our prices are lower than you just thought.